How a makeup brush can save a mani!

Two of my fav nail polish colors are black and white. The nail polish junkie that I am, I end up polishing my nails mostly every day. I love the look of freshly painted nails, but truthfully if polishes stayed on my nails without chipping longer than a day, I most definitely wouldn’t be polishing daily. 

Anyway, back to black and white polishes. I love the way they look, but only get them when I go to the nail salon. Why? Because when I do them at home, it looks a hot mess! I get polish all on the sides, and it looks like the job of a 5 year old. 

While in Target on Friday, I happened to buy a $1 ELF concealer brush. I knew it was too small to use for concealer, but got it anyway, followed by a different brush when I went to Walmart. I also bought a new black polish by NYC cosmetics in black creme because it was on clearance at Target. 

I had an aha moment and decided the small ELF brush would be perfect to use while I tried my new black polish to clean up the mess around the edges. It worked fabulously! When I had painted all 10 nails, I filled the cap of the nail polish remover, dipped my brush in it, and it worked great to clean up around my nails. The next night I just used the dry brush as I polished each nail, and I liked it better that way. 

Here’s the brush. I highly recommend trying this if you have the same issue with making a mess while polishing your nails!

And here’s a pic of my nails, this is the best they’ve ever looked when I’ve done a black polish! Not as good as a professional job, but not too shabby! Let me know if you have any other nail techniques! 

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