4 days to spring & a cute Ross find

Whooohooo only 4 more days to spring! Although our forecast here in Charlotte will only be in the 60’s, at least the calendar will say it’s spring and that’s all that matters! 

Today will be nearly 80 degrees and I’m taking advantage of the warmth! Especially since I was on the sick and shut in list all weekend with this stupid cold, and the stupid cough is still lingering, but at least I no longer look like Beetlejuice, with the dark circles under my eyes, so I’m happy! 

A few weeks ago, I found this super cute floral faux wrap dress at Ross for 14.99! I couldn’t wait to wear it because it just screams spring! If you guessed that I found it in the junior’s section, you guessed right! I’m telling you, you should at least peruse the junior’s section to see what you can find. I can’t wear everything, but I do find quite a few cute pieces. Because I don’t want to be a hoochie and wear everything super short and tight, I usually buy in size large to get a little more length in the dresses. 

Where I got it:

Dress: Ross

Shoes: DSW (check out previous blog)

Necklace: jane.com (check out previous blog) 

What are you looking forward to wearing for spring?

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