Denim shorts and white shirt kinda Saturday 


Every time I wear a pair of denim shorts, Luke pops in my head and I want to burst out singing “look at that girl with them daisy dukes on!” 

I don’t know about you, but I complain about how hot it is in the summer, but I LOVE summer clothes! Especially shorts. My legs are actually allergic to pants during the summer 😊

So, today I decided to wear a pair of denim shorts I found in Ross last week. I’ve actually been looking for a pair exactly like this since last year, so I was super excited to find them! 

Here’s my OOTD. What do you think? I love white and denim in the summer! 

 Everything I’m wearing came from Ross except the necklace is from I know that bubble necklaces aren’t so much the thing anymore but I still love mine!  


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  1. You look so summer chic! I will throw on jeans in the summer but they have to be light colored or distressed, lol. Love your blog, queen!


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