Grey lipstick for a daytime look

Grey lipstick for work? Sure, well in my book anyway. I tried a grey lippie a few months ago when the NYX liquid suedes came out last year. I liked it, but it was just soooooo dark, I only wore it once, and at night because I was afraid to wear it during the day. So, I’ve had my eyes peeled for a different one that wasn’t so dark. I found one that I love!  

  I got it on Saturday at Ulta and couldn’t wait to wear it today! It’s NYX matte ultra dare. I think it looks awesome, but I’m sure some people thought I looked like I had smoker’s lips today!  Are you a fan of grey lippies? Have you found one that you love? 

14 thoughts on “Grey lipstick for a daytime look

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      1. Honestly I haven’t come across many true grey lipsticks yet. I own the NYX liquid suede one in the shade “Stone Fox” and I have a mac lipstick in the shade “Stone” which is a really nice greyish/brown.


  1. I’ve never been a make-up wear-er but I love the matte lipstick! I bought 2 cheap ones from Walgreens to try out but…yuck! Then I decided to spend a little more $ & purchased the Plum Roll Matte by Smashbox from


  2. Ohhhhh I am going to have to try this one! I have the NYX Liquid Suede in Stone Fox, and like you mentioned, it is too dark for my liking. Awesome post and blog. #BLMGirl


    1. You know, I was super excited when the liquid suedes came out but I find them to be kinda drying, so I prefer their regular mattes much better. And thank you for your sweet compliment!


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