Because bell sleeves are just awesome! 

I don’t know what it is, but every time I see a dress with bell sleeves, I have to have it! Maybe because they remind me of the 60s/70s, and I love everything about clothes from that era. 

So, if you remember a few months ago, I wrote a blog about how I love ugly patterns! This was one of the dresses I talked about, and I finally wore it on Sunday. I actually had forgotten I had it 😁 And in case you’re wondering, yes I did wear this to church. Who says you have to dress like a grandma at church anyway?! 

It actually is a really pretty dress, and it’s shimmery! Even better I got it for only about $15 from Hautelook. If you guys haven’t shopped Hautelook, you’re seriously missing out on some amazeballs deals! 

Are you guys crazy about bell sleeves too? I saw a similar dress in Ross this weekend, and now I’m so mad at myself for not buying it! 

5 thoughts on “Because bell sleeves are just awesome! 

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  1. I love that dress! I’ve started wearing dresses this summer. They make me feel so free and sexy. I hated dressing like a grandma for church, boring. Church is the first fashion show you experience in life. Those folks will let you know if you shouldn’t wear something again.


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