How to make your own denim cut off shorts

To know me is to know that I love shorts…and I like them short! Hey, why work so hard in the gym on your legs if you’re just going to hide them! And hello, it’s summer, and I’m allergic to pants in the summer 😎

Of course I’m a southern girl, we love our cut off shorts. I have a couple pair right now that I bought, but I just thought it would be more fun to make my own…and making your own means you can make them as short as you want! To get started, all you need is chalk to mark where you want to cut them, a ruler to make a straight line with the chalk, and scissors to cut. 

First, put the jeans on and mark with the chalk where you want to cut. Be sure to remember they will fray in the wash, so keep that in mind when deciding where you want to cut because they’ll end up a little shorter than where you cut. 

Take the jeans off and make a straight line with the ruler and chalk. After you cut them, you’ll want to pull a few strings to make sure they fray the way you want in the wash. 

That’s it! I may go back to make some slits and holes later, but I think they turned out amazeballs! Can’t wait to make more! 

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