Because you can never have too many brown lippies

So, there’s a new beauty supply store near my house that I’m obsessed with! It’s like a Walmart for all things beauty related! They have an amazeballs cosmetics section and plenty of cheap lippies to try! The brands are hit or miss with quality, but what can you expect when you’re only spending 1.99? 

One of the brands I’m really digging for their matte lippies is Nicka K New York. I only bought one on my first trip, but from what I see so far, the pigmentation is great, and they’re pretty long-wearing, and I eat and drink a lot during the day! The regular matte lippies are also much better than the liquid as far as pigmentation. I bought one of the liquids yesterday and I wasn’t impressed at all once I tried it at home. 

Here’s the color I’m wearing today. 

The color is called maroon but it sure looks brown to me! 

I’m also a HUGE fan of brown lippies. I already have a gazillion, yet every time I see one that I don’t have, I buy it! I still think my all time fav is MAC Antique Velvet. I have yet to find any matte lippies that I love more than MAC, yet NYX can hold their own too, and are way more affordable! 

Do you guys love brown lippies too? I mean hello, they’re just a no brainier for cool weather! 

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