Empty jar report: LUSH Charity Pot

Each winter, I have the same gripe. Dry, ashy, itchy skin! So, I’m always trying new creams and concoctions to see what works. I mainly stick to shea and cocoa butters, oils, and other brands I can find at mass retailers. Because nothing seems to be awesome, I don’t want to spend too much. I always hear great things about LUSH, and wanted to try their products, but they can be a bit pricey. I’ve actually only tried one product, thanks to my amazeballs friend who got them for me; toothy tabs. They are fabulous by the way! 

So, last week I was in the mall and decided to go by LUSH. I bought more toothy tabs, and decided to look at body creams too. I decided to give Charity Pot a try. I needed something thick and creamy, so that’s what the salesperson recommended. I only got the small jar because I wanted to try it to see if it worked first. It was $7.95 and I believe the regular size was about $29. 

I must say, this stuff is worth the price. My skin has not been dry, ashy, or itchy! It feels moisterized until the end of the day when I take a shower. Pricey, yes, but totally worth it! Another cool thing is that they donate money from the proceeds to the charity you pick when selecting your jar.  

Do you guys have some fav LUSH products you recommend? 

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