Kindra’s Closet is open for business!

Quarantine has actually been good for me. At first I was annoyed about being home 24/7, but once I started using the time to my advantage, I’m not mad at it at all! For awhile, I have wanted to start my own biz of some sorts, and I still have other ideas, but hubby has helped me launch my first venture, Kindra’s Closet! My plans are to offer an array of affordable products that I love, starting with earrings.

I’ll have small quantities of unique finds, so if you see something you like, be sure to snatch it when you see it! My inventory is available on many selling platforms, including Etsy, or you can contact me directly to order. Eventually I hope to add a shopping option, right here on my site. So stay tuned.

Here’s a sample of what’s available now.

I hope you’ll come on over and shop with me! Mother’s Day is literally right around the corner, and I’m sure your mama would love some new earrings!

Also, just curious, how are y’all using your quarantine time? Regardless of what you’re doing, I pray that you’re all staying safe & healthy!

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