Quick & easy way to clean produce

Thanks to Pinterest, I’m discovering a gazillion uses for vinegar! Who knew this stinky stuff could be used in so many ways! Just the other week I made a terrible mess in my bathroom when I dropped a brand new bottle of MAC concealer on the floor. It stained the tile grout so I did a google search to find a way to clean the grout. And to my surprise I found that vinegar would do the trick! 

One of my fav uses for vinegar is cleaning produce. It’s super quick & easy! All you have to do is fill your kitchen sink with water, add a little vinegar (I don’t measure, just pour a little,) and let your produce soak for a little. I usually do about 10 minutes. Just do a quick rinse when you’re done soaking, and that’s it. It works great! 

Have you discovered any other neat uses for vinegar? 

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