Just because it “fits” doesn’t mean it fits & just because it comes in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it!

We spring forward this weekend, warm weather is just around the corner, so it’s time for my annual warm weather reminder! Just because it “fits” doesn’t mean it fits! And, just because it comes in your size, doesn’t mean you should wear it!

We’ve all seen it, people nearly busting out of clothes, like if that button flies off, it could put an eye out! Or, the too tight, show every back fat or rubber tire around the waist roll you have, as well as the dimples on your booty bodycon dresses!

At a certain point in life, we have to learn to dress for the bodies we have. And the right undergarments are our friends! Trust me, I wish I could wear some of the up to there mini skirts I wore in my teens and early twenties, but my thighs won’t let me! And it’s ok, I’d rather wear appropriate fitting clothes because they look so much better.

If you have some of these too tight, don’t quite fit right “no ‘mo” items in your closet, let them go! You’ll thank me for it when people start noticing how much better you look in your clothes, and you start getting compliments.

On my short list of things you don’t need to wear are:

  • Bodycon dresses if you have any of the wrongness I mentioned earlier. You can still wear fitted dresses, but they don’t have to look glued on.
  • Super short minis if your thighs are jiggly and/or dimply. A mid-thigh length will not only hide what you don’t like, but will also make you more confident since you don’t have to worry about what’s showing or not.
  • Buttoned shirts if you have gaps between buttons. This is not only uncomfortable for you to wear, but a hazard to everyone else’s eyeballs if one of those suckers fly off.

Maybe also have a trusted friend or relative that you can face time, skype, send a pic to or something if you’re not sure!

And especially if your shirt looks like this, don’t wear it!!!!

2 thoughts on “Just because it “fits” doesn’t mean it fits & just because it comes in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it!

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  1. Girl, you’re too much! My dad would sometimes tell me, “Those seams are screamin!” and that’s when I would know…..it was time to retire that outfit.


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