Hate the taste of water? Try adding fruit, yummers!

I know I’m probably one of the few weirdos who actually love the taste of water. I’ve been on the water kick since about 1996, so I could go on and on about why you should drink more water! There’s just no denying the health benefits of drinking water, and lots of it! It helps your skin, helps with weight loss, flushes out your system…water is just awesome for your body!

Honestly, I have to admit every now and then, I do get tired of drinking water and just wish it tasted like something! So, if your issue with not drinking enough water, or just getting started with drinking water period, try infusing your water with fruit! I have a gallon sized pitcher that I use, but on the go, you could also use mason jars or even a water bottle to do the same. 

Yesterday I did an orange/strawberry combo and it was yummalicious! I’ll definitely do this one again! My usual combo is lemon/mint/ginger, but I wanted to try something new. Let me know if you have any recipes that you’ve tried and love! 

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