I may have a smidgen of an owl obsession!

I have no explanation, but I’m slightly obsessed with owls…owl jewlry, home decor, outdoor trinkets…and it’s getting out of control! About a year ago, I bought my first piece of owl jewelry, a necklace from Rugged Wearhouse. I thought it was super cute, so after that purchase, every time I saw a piece of owl jewelry, I bought it. 

The necklace I’m wearing today, I found on you guessed it, jane.com! The good thing about the site is, often times if you missed out on a deal, it will come back! I just saw this one being sold again about a week ago. It’s super cute and was less than$10. 

Do you have a thing for owls too? They’re just so cute! I ordered another owl necklace that I’m waiting to show up in my mailbox. I’ll be sure to blog about it when it shows up! And please ignore the no lipstick selfie, but I haven’t had breakfast yet 😳 and I refuse to waste my good lipstick when I’ll just eat it off in a few! Are you like that too? I swear I have a lot of quirkiness for someone to love!

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