Because I love, love, I couldn’t not buy this shirt!

Back in the day Express was my fav place to shop! Now, not so much. I get a few things here and there, but I do browse their clearance items online often to see what I can find for cheap! 

Last week I saw the cutest shirt! I love buying anything that says love, because I love, love! So when I saw the shirt printed with love all over it, I wasted no time ordering!

It came yesterday and I’m wearing it today! Yep, I wasted no time! 


The skirt came from Target and shoes from DSW. Both purchased on clearance last year.  

2 thoughts on “Because I love, love, I couldn’t not buy this shirt!

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  1. A wonderful shirt; a great print. The skirt is a great style and the green is spectacular with the shirt. Love the sandals you have paired as well; they are perfect. 😉


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