A blue eyeshadow that won’t look like death on your eyelids!

When I think of blue eyeshadow I think of Mimi from ‘The Drew Carey Show’ and I’ve never quite found one that I loved. 

Last week was the end of the Ulta 21 day sale, and I finally made it for $3 eyeshadow day! I bought 6 different colors that day, and today I’m wearing the blue one that I got. I was a little skeptical, but I love this color. It actually looks a little more silver than blue, and I love the shimmer. 

If you’re looking for a blue shadow, try this one! It’s called Mosaic, and the regular price is $6, but Ulta always has a sale and/or coupon! 


And if you don’t know who Mimi is, here she is in all of her glory! She made blue eyeshadow famous! 


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