10 things we’re tired of seeing on Facebook!

Before I continue, yes I know you can post what you want, when you want, it’s your page…yada, yada, yada, but I can almost guarantee that a lot of us out there are just sick of seeing certain things on Facebook. And yes, I’m probably guilty of a few, but I’m not a frequent offender… I don’t think 😳

So, here goes my list of things we should just stop posting, immediately, on Facebook!

  • Gym selfies, daily posts about going to the gym, etc

 Ok, the occasional gym post may just be the thing that someone sees to inspire them to get off their booties, or a progress/weightloss report is always nice to see, but sweaty gym selfies and check ins at the gym…why???

  • Status updates with entire conversations

I love to laugh, so I get a chuckle when I read a funny post about a hilarious conversation or something someone said, but how about just summarizing instead of an entire conversation?

  • Telling someone off in a status update, but not naming them

What’s the purpose? And for the rest of us nosey folks, if you can’t tell us who you’re talking about, why do it?

  • Men who post daily selfies

It’s just kinda bizarro! While it’s cute for women to post lots of selfies or OOTDs, when men do it, it’s just kinda weird!

  • Duck lips

Just stop doing it already!!!!

  • Food that you cook that only looks appealing to you

Struggle plates as I call them, just don’t post them! Sometimes your food only looks good to you, so keep it to yourselves!

  • Play by play updates and pics from your vacay

While I love to see everyone’s awesome vacay pics, how much fun are you really having if you’re posting a new pic or telling us what you’re doing every 5 mins???

  • Baby mama/daddy drama

If you don’t have anything nice to say about them, how about just not saying anything at all. After all your kid may see it one day. And I’ll shut up now since I have no kids of my own!

  • Bad grammar

You may have just posted the most profound thing I’ve ever read, but if you use terrible grammar, sorry I just can’t “like” it!

  • The tornado in the background of your pic

Hello! Clean your surroundings before taking a pic and posting it! There’s just something to be said about your mess in the background!


What are some of your Facebook pet peeves??? 

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