At what age does a woman become a cougar?


I seriously googled this phrase today! All because I went out with a twenty something this weekend. Thank God I look younger than I actually am, but it often means younger guys approach me thinking we’re the same age. Honestly, the men that approach me are either really young, or grandpas! 

I’m not quite sure I felt a connection or chemistry, but putting on a cute outfit to go on a date is always nice. In fact, lately I’ve been on so few dates that when I went on this one, I had a list of people who wanted to know how it went afterwards!

I do have to give the young dude his props though. He asked what I wanted/liked to do instead of just asking me to come over to “chill,” which is the most you seem to get out of men these days. 

From my google search, I learned that cougar status usually is reserved for women in their fourties so luckily I have some time 😁

10 thoughts on “At what age does a woman become a cougar?

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  1. Whew! Guess I’m still safe for another few years! lol I wish I had met you earlier. I was in Charlotte on Wednesday for Obama’s town hall meeting! It was nice to be back in the Queen City. Charlotte will forever be my home 😉 #BLMGirl


  2. Ha! The title of this post had me laughing and running over to see if I’d quality to be a cougar at this point. I didn’t realize it was just an age thing versus a dating a younger man while you’re “much” older. Interesting!


  3. That’s good know! I have at least a decade left before I hit official cougar status. I like younger guys, and my friends often call me a cougar because of it. However, I can prove to them that I’m not one just yet! LOL. #BLMGirl


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