5 things that sometimes suck about being short

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Being only 5’2″ is the main reason I started wearing heels in my teens! I just wanted some extra height! When you’re short, you have a whole other set of challenges that non shorties just don’t realize!

Here’s my 5 reasons why being short kinda sucks sometimes! 

  • You can never get quite close enough to the ATM! 

You drive up to the ATM and no matter how much backing up and trying to get close, you’re never close enough because your arms are too short! So, no matter what, you end up having to open the door to reach the arm! 

  • Sun visors in the car don’t help! 

Even raising your seat to the max won’t help us! The stupid things are only made for tall people!

  • Grocery shopping can suck. 

When you’re short and you need something on the top shelf, forget about it! You either have to climb up there somehow, or just hang out and wait for a tall person to walk by!

  • You can’t drive with one arm hanging out the car like the cool peeps. 

Because our arms are short, you can’t drive like that. It’s just not possible. When I was a kid I always thought people looked so cool when they drove like that. When I tried it…uh yeah didn’t work! 

  • The kitchen can be a challenge. 

Just like the grocery store, when things are too high up, you have to climb up on chairs or the countertop! I guess a step stool would also work 😊

So, what are some of your short girl problems? 

2 thoughts on “5 things that sometimes suck about being short

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  1. I have a hard time buying pants. I can buy the ones that say “average” but they’re still too long! Ugh! So, I just buy petal pushers because they look like pants on me anyway. LOL 😊


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