Bad hair day? Clip in ponytail to the rescue!

It’s hot already and still technically spring here in Charlotte. Hot weather=humidity, humidity=bad hair days! I normally just give up on the notion of having decent looking hair in the summer, besides every other Friday when my super stylist works her magic! 

For awhile I’ve been wanting to go hair shopping for a ponytail, but kept putting it off.  On Saturday, I happened to go to Aldi and there’s a new beauty supply store in the same shopping center, so I decided to go check it out. I went in looking for cheap lipstick, the beauty supply stores are a great place to shop for cheap lippies when you want to try new colors, but not spend a lot in case you hate them! Then, while looking around, I remembered to look for a ponytail! 

The one I ended up getting, well because it was the only one that matched my hair matches my color perfectly and is super easy to clip in. Well, it has little combs attached, and they’re pretty secure, but I add a few hair pins to be safe! I don’t want this thing falling off my head today! I’m also trying to think of how I can make this work for my evening kickboxing workout today 😳

 Here’s what it looks like before putting it on.  

Not that I plan on becoming an everyday hair piece wearer, but I can see why people are so into wearing wigs and fake hair! It totally takes the stress out of bad hair day situations! 

4 thoughts on “Bad hair day? Clip in ponytail to the rescue!

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      1. I got mine at my local beauty supply store. You can also buy them online, but I’d rather see what I’m getting before I buy when it comes to something like hair! And it was only like $15.


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