Homemade Beauty | Sugar & Olive Oil Scrub

Definitely have to try this!

Curves a la Mode

I’m completely obsessed with luscious skin and I hate it when my skin gets dry or ashy– I’m looking at you beach. Part of my daily beauty regimen is lathering my body with skin oil until I’m glowing like a golden mocha phoenix. So of course whenever I read about a homemade beauty recipe that promises soft and glowing skin– I’m all over it!

A few years ago I ran across an article on beauty secrets from around the globe. One of the tips was a homemade recipe from Greece which included 2 simple ingredients: Sugar & Olive Oil. Of course, I jumped on it asap and it has become part of my go-to glowing skin routine– with one special twist I’ll share with you today.

Step 1.

You’ll need a container for your mix and a spoon for stirring. I’m thrifty so I keep clean used containers (like this one)…

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