How to clean your makeup brushes with alcohol 

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’m pretty cheap! I like nice things, but I don’t want to pay a lot for them, and when I do, it’s gotta be something super duper special!  Cosmetics is one of those things I can justify the cost in my head…depending on what it is. But, brush cleaners, heck no, those aren’t worth spending a lot on, especially when good ol’ alcohol does the trick! Alcohol also kills germs, so you get a double whammy! 

Here are 5 super duper, easy ways to clean your brushes (or sponges) with alcohol: 

  • You’ll need alcohol and a small bowl. I got this one at Dollar Tree. I keep it in my bathroom and use it for mixing up small batches of sugar scrubs too! 


  •  Next, fill your bowl about half way with alcohol. I’m saying half way because you’ll need some room to swish those brushes around, so basically just leave some room. 


  • Swish your brush around in the alcohol a few times. 


  • Dab the brush on a towel, or washcloth, until it’s clean. 


  • Next, rinse the brush under the faucet. 

Whooohooo you’re all done, just let them airdry and they’re ready for use! 

What makeup brush cleaning tips do you have? It’s not the most fun you could be having at any moment, but nobody likes dirty brushes!  

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