Festive holiday dresses from Ross

To know me is to know that I love any excuse to wear a cute dress, combined with a chance to wear a cute dress to a holiday party, and I’m in heaven! 

To know me is also to know that Ross is my fav place to shop! I find everything there from homegoods to jewelry, and everything in between! My Fridays off is my fav time to go, and now that the holidays are here, it seems like Fridays are now everyone else’s fav time to go because it was so crowded the other day!!!

I had two parties to go to this weekend, so I wanted to find a couple new dresses! Not that I didn’t already have something to wear…but like most other women, I couldn’t resist at least looking! 

I found two super cute dresses for about $20 each! So ladies, do yourselves a favor, if you need a festive dress, head to Ross! 

  Are you a Ross shopper too? People are always telling me that they can never find anything there and are always in shock when I say what I’m wearing came from there, and how little it costs! 
I do have to admit, not all stores are created equal. Some are a lot better than others. Some even have designer labels that you won’t see in other stores. I even spotted a cute Carmen Marc Valvo dress for 19.99 on Saturday! 

So, don’t delay, head to Ross today and thank me later 😉

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