Tortellini, spinach, and tomato soup recipe

I’m a sucker for a Pinterest recipe or when I see one floating around on Facebook! So far, I haven’t found one that I didn’t like! 

I saw this one posted on Facebook several times, and I always have it on my list of things to try, and I finally made it yesterday! 

  I made a few modifications. For one, I didn’t feel the need to make it in the crock pot, so I made mine on the stove. I also used chicken broth because my veggie broth had been tampered with and I didn’t want to take my chance of being poisoned, so I used chicken broth that I had on hand! I also used frozen spinach. 
I put all ingredients in a large pot on medium heat until the cream cheese melted and then added the tortellini for the last five minutes or so since it doesn’t take much time to cook. 

It maybe took about 45 minutes from start to finish. Here’s everything that I used, minus the veggie broth. 

  And here’s the final product. I’d definitely make it again, and I have plenty leftover for lunches for a few days this week. I love to make meals on Sundays that will last into the week!  

Do you have any quick and easy recipes? If so please share!!! 

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