Color blocking with pink and green

For obvious reasons, because I belong to the best sorority in the world, AKA, I’m kind of partial to pink and green! But besides that, I love the pink and green color combination. It’s bright, springy, and super pretty on all skin tones.

I don’t know if color blocking is a big thing anymore like it was a few years ago, but I still do it! If you love color like I do, then you definitely need to color block! It’s super easy, just choose two colors that look good together, and just like that, you’re color blocking! 

 I have quite a bit of pink and green in my closet, but here’s what I’m wearing today.  

 So, these shoes are amazeballs! I got them at Dillard’s during the New Year’s Day sale, and I’ve been patiently waiting to wear them! Surprisingly they are so comfy! I wish I had also gotten them in black.  Do you also love color blocking? And what’s your fav color combos? I also love orange and green! Sounds odd, but it’s super pretty! 

8 thoughts on “Color blocking with pink and green

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  1. Beautiful as usual! For some strange reason I’m loving the color combo. I also like pink and blue and pink, navy blue and white.


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