Patterned tights for the win!

If there’s one thing I love about cold weather, it’s wearing cute outfits with even cuter tights! A couple years ago at Ross I found a black pair that had a leopard print and I love them. I still have them, but I know they won’t last always, so I searched online and happened upon this site who had a similar pair for about $6, and of course I ordered them.

And I love them! My only gripe is that they’re actually pantyhose and I haven’t worn regular pantyhose in so long, I forgot how fragile they are and my nails poked a hole in the thigh area when I was putting them on. My skirt was long enough to hide the hole, but I did order a new pair yesterday.

Patterned tights are a great way to accessorize and turn a drab look into fab easily! I’ve never ordered or heard of before I happened to find it while searching for the tights, but shipping was super fast, free, and I had no issues.

Do you guys love patterned tights too?

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