I tried Fenty Beauty foundation…didn’t love it

Hey y’all! Hope you all had an amazing weekend. Mine was great, but exhausting, so I’m writing this while in bed already! So, I’ve been wanting to try a new foundation for the longest. I’ve been a faithful MAC girl for years. I still like my studio fix, but I’ve just been itching to try something different. After many recommendations and so much hype, I decided to try Fenty Beauty’s foundation. First of all, I’m a powder foundation girl, so a liquid was already a stretch for me. But I tried it anyway. Yes I know I should have just gotten a sample first, but I had such high hopes that I bought it…and now I’ll be returning it.

I was told that 350 was my match…but it’s a little off. A little too dark, and I’m not crazy about the matte finish. I like to look a little more luminous. Maybe I should try another person to match me to give it another go, but I’m just not sold on it. I have no other lines to compare it to because I don’t use liquid, but I will say it was easy to apply and dried quickly. I used a beauty blender to apply.

Have you guys tried Fenty yet? What did you think? Also if you have any powder foundation recommendations, please let me know!

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