Sometimes you gotta go old school

Before you jump to conclusions based on the pic, I’m not bleaching my skin like MJ, but I do have some stubborn blemishes that I’m trying to get rid of by summer! So, if you didn’t know, brown girls like me suffer easily from hyper pigmentation, or skin discoloration. The least little thing can cause scarring. I got bit on my foot by something at least 3 months ago, it left scars on my foot, I hate it, and I’ve been trying everything to make them go away. I also have a little scar on my leg from hitting it on the elliptical, and hello, it’s almost shorts season, so I gotta get right!

Years ago, I used this stuff to lighten blemishes, it works, and if it ain’t broke, I’m not sure why I tried to fix it by trying other things. And it works pretty fast too.

This does contain hydroquinone, which can be harmful, so I don’t use it long term. I started using it again on my dark spots maybe 2 weeks ago, and they’re almost gone now.

So, if you have some trouble spots you’ve been trying to get rid of, this is worth a shot!

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