If you need something to help clean you out…

Poop isn’t kosher to talk about ๐Ÿ˜œ but we all go, and sometimes we can get a little backed up. Or, sometimes you feel bloated and just feel like you need a good system flush. I found an awesome product that helps to get things going naturally. I’m no doctor, so use at your own discretion. But for me, this helps to flush out all the crap, literally. I’ve never taken this for longer than 3 days, because I’m pretty regular as it is.

I purchased it from GNC for about $20. I do advise when you take it for the first time, take it when you have nowhere to be and at nighttime. I usually take it at 9:30 and by 6:00 the next morning, it’s doing its thing!

Have you guys tried this before? Or any other detox/cleanse products that are effective?

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