Forever 21 swimwear

The springtime warmth has finally arrived, so it’s also time to get your swimwear life together! I’m normally a 2 piece kinda girl, but today’s one piece swimwear is all kinds of cute! I was scrolling through Instagram a few weeks ago and found one that I loved at Forever 21. I wish, but they’re not paying me for this, but they have some fab pieces! Because I don’t have much success in fitting into most of their clothes, I was a little hesitant about ordering AND swimwear is non refundable! But it arrived a couple days ago, and I love it! I ordered a size large, but I was also torn between getting an extra large. The large fits perfectly.

I paid under $30, including shipping. The quality is pretty darn good too. They had so many choices, I wanted more, but had to chill out and not go overboard with my spending. Y’all, your girl has seriously improved on the shopping front. I still get my shop on, but not nearly as much. Which my wallet is thrilled about!

Have you ordered swimwear from Forever 21? If you haven’t, you should!

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