My experience with SNS nails

If you know me well, or have followed my blog for awhile, you know that I’m obsessed with nail polish…and nothing stays on longer than a couple days before it chips! Gel only lasts me a week, or less before it starts lifting/chipping. I had heard about SNS, but didn’t want to waste my coins if it didn’t last. It’s $40! But I decided to give it a whirl a few weeks ago, before going to Florida on vacay. I hate having to worry about packing nail polish when I go away. Ain’t nobody got time to be doing nails when I’m away!

Y’all. I loved it! It made my nails feel super strong. It lasted a little over 2 weeks. It did lift a little, or a better way to describe it as cracking on 3 of the corners. I just filed them down and then they were fine. Because I’m a little anal, it did bother me to see them growing out, and I got a little bored with the color because I’m used to changing colors every few days; otherwise I would have left it on for a full 3 weeks. My nails didn’t get any harder, as I had hoped, but they did grow.

I went today to have it removed and I thought it was easier to remove than gel. The same process is done as removing gel, acetone soak, but the color wiped right off with a paper towel instead of them having to scrape it off like gel. I’ll probably remove it myself next time because they charged me to take it off, sheesh!

I’d definitely get SNS again. Especially when I’m traveling! Here’s what mine looked like around a week after I got them done.

I don’t remember the name of the color, but it was a light pink. I liked it, but I’ll go with something more vibrant next time! Have you guys tried SNS before, and what do you think? Also, if you have any tips to make your regular polish last longer, please share!

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  1. I LOVE SNS!!!!! That is all I get on my nails. Yes lord they are expensive, but I carry mine out for a whole month if longer. Do you still go to Golden Spa Nails? I noticed your picture of your nails after a week and I did not like what I saw. After a week mine still look fresh out the salon. If you didn’t go to the salon mentioned above I would say GO and ask for John. He’s the best when it comes to SNS.


    1. No I go to a place near my job. I really don’t have high expectations for anything staying on my nails, so 2 or 3 weeks is good for me. Plus I don’t like to see the growth after a couple weeks. But I’ll do it when I’m going on vacay.


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