My eyelash lift/tint experience

I heard about eyelash lifts/tints awhile ago, and was curious. But until I saw a friend’s IG post, I hadn’t been curious enough to try it. Hers looks fab! So I had to try it. Off to Groupon I went to find a deal because I wasn’t with paying $100 for something that may not work. I found a great deal and paid about $36 after a promo code that I had.

I went to Mearle Norman studio last Saturday to have it done. It took about an hour. You’re basically perming your lashes, so it smelled just like a perm. It did sting a little, but I had no irritation or problems afterwards. The deal I bought didn’t include the tint, but I decided to add it while I was there for an additional $15.

I don’t have a before pic, but I do have a with and without mascara pic, after the lift/tint.

So, I don’t see a huge difference and I’m totally underwhelmed. I don’t plan on doing this again. It wasn’t worth it to me. So, if you’re thinking about it, I can’t say I’d recommend it. Have you guys done this before?

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