My new fav phony pony

If you know me, you know how much I love a phony pony! They’re not only life savers for bad hair days, but also super cute! I’ve tried them all. Clip in, draw strong, making my own out of old hair weave, you name it! But I have a new fav that I just found last week that I think are relatively new to the market. From what saw online, there are 3 styles of these, and I have the twist curl tie one. You can even make a bun with these!

And the best part, they are only 5.99! You can find these hopefully at your local beauty supply store or google freetress bun tie to order online.

If you love phony ponies like me, you’ll love these. They are so much more natural looking than the old drawstring ones. They’re not bulky like those are at the base. And to make them even more natural looking, I tie a few strands around the base. That trick even works with the old drawstring ones too.

Try these and thank me later!

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