Treat hyperpigmentation with tumeric

Hey y’all! Hope everyone is having an amazeballs summer so far! Summertime means less clothing, which means you gotta make sure your skin is on point! Which leads me to this…I noticed a couple weeks ago that the back of my neck was dark. I like to wear my hair up too much, so I decided it was time to do something about it. In the past all I’ve tried was exfoliation and skin lightening cream. But I thought this time it would be best to see if natural remedies actually worked.

Before you read any further, first things first. I’m not a dermatologist or any other type of medical professional. I just like to try new things! Hyperpigmentation is common with us black and brown girls. And super annoying!

So, for the past 2 weeks I’ve been using baking soda to exfoliate. I tried that for about 3 days over the past 2 weeks, but what I really believe did the trick and worked the most was a tumeric and yogurt mask.

All you need is a spoonful of tumeric mixed with a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt. I let it sit on my neck for about 10 minutes and then rinse in the shower. I also used this under my arms, bikini area, and my face!

I also used aloe to moisturize at night after I rinsed and pure vitamin e oil in the morning. In only 2 weeks, my neck is almost back to normal!

In the first pic, my neck is so red because I used a pumice stone to try to exfoliate. Stupid mistake and it made it so much worse! I’m now in love with tumeric. I’m still using it everyday, but once my neck is completely back to normal, I’ll probably just use it a couple times per week. But be warned, this stuff stains everything! My bathtub now has yellow stains that I haven’t been able to remove, so use at your own risk!

Have y’all used tumeric masks before? It’s my new fav!

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  1. Great information. Thanks for sharing. I have a turmeric mask I used months ago but stopped. After reading this, I think I’ll start using it again.


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