Ankle weights for strong legs

To know me is to know that I have an obsession with legs! I’m always working on my own Tina Turner leg goals, but legs are also one of the first things I notice. Maybe my obsession is a little unhealthy now that I think about it!

So while stuck at home, I’ve been exercising even more than I was by going to the gym everyday after work. I’ve bought a couple new pieces of equipment, but for the most part, I’m doing body weight exercises.

My latest purchase was ankle weights. I could hardly wait for them to arrive! They got here the other day. I’ve been wearing them around the house all day. I do lunges, jumping jacks, really every exercise that I was already doing with them on. You get the added benefit of more resistance, which translates into a more difficult workout, which then translates into more toned and defined legs!

The ones I purchased are 2 lbs and I found them on eBay. You can get them in various weights. I haven’t been for a walk with them on, but I think that would definitely kick walking into high gear and make it a more challenging workout. Let me know if you guys have these, or if you decide to try them, and let me know what kinda workouts you’re doing with them!

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