Orly breathable polish review

So nail salons are closed. Ladies, our nail care is now in our hands. I can manage doing my own nails and hair for awhile, but I’m telling ya, as soon as the threading salon reopens, I may have to put on a hazmat suit and go, because my brows are becoming a little unruly. But, back to nails. I’m always looking for a polish that lasts more than 2 days! I’ve tried gel and dip powder, but those don’t last on my nails as long as others, so I can’t justify the price. Plus, my nails always need serious rehab after I take off dip powder. So, I stick with regular polish.

Another Facebook ad got me. Something else that I did not need. At. All. But bought anyway! I saw an ad for a new Orly polish that touted no chipping for x number of days. I ordered it, tried it for the first time, and now I have serious buyer’s regret. Y’all. This stuff chipped on day 2!

The color is nice, so I’ll use it again, but I paid almost $10 each for the top coat and the polish, so it’s not worth it. Buy at your own risk. They do have some great color options, just don’t expect longer wear.

Here’s a look at the packaging.

Verdict: I wouldn’t buy again. I have a few Orly polishes that I’ve found on clearance at various places, and that’s what I’ll continue doing. Not a huge fan of these. Have y’all tried this polish yet?

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