Update the look of your old chairs with new fabric

Hey y’all! It’s Friday and we made it! I’ve been meaning to share a little project that I did a couple of months ago. I have a really old table and chairs set. Like really old. The original fabric is a really light cream color. Not ideal for everyday use. I’ve been saying for years I’d recover them but never did. I finally got it done. And it was super easy. I bought 1 yd of fabric and it was enough for 4 chairs with a little extra left. I’m thinking I’ll use the extra to make a valance one day.

My chairs were easy because I just had to undo the crews and the seats popped out. If yours aren’t like that, it may be a little more difficult. Once they were out, all I had to do was cut enough fabric to cover the seat, and staple the bottom using a heavy duty staple gun. Putting them back was another story. I had to get hubby to screw them back in for me. Of course leopard was my fabric of choice. Here’s a pic of what they look like now.

I didn’t take any pics of me actually doing the recovering but it really was just a matter of tugging the fabric tightly and stapling. Easy peasy. The hardest part was eyeballing the right amount of fabric to cut. I feel like I wasted a lot. I’m sure there’s a better way, like actually measuring!

As you can see, I’m mixing animal prints in my kitchen now, and that’s fine by me. I’m not a super matchy matchy person anyway.

If you’ve been thinking about recovering your chairs, just do it! And when you shop for fabric, check the clearance section first.

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