Dashing Diva nail polish strips review

If you’ve been following for awhile, or know me in real life, y’all know that I’m obsessed with nail polish. Always have, always will be. Fun fact, in high school and college I’d do my nails and sometimes toes daily to match my outfits. Ain’t nobody got time for that now, but I do love to try new colors and change my polish often. Also because of my self-diagnosed OCD, I can’t stand to see them chipping.

So I decided to try nail polish strips. I was already ordering some things from Target and decided to see which ones they had available. The price was right, only $6.99, so I decided to try the Dashing Diva brand. These are much like a sticker. The adhesive lasted surprisingly, and removal was easy. You just peel them off after applying a little cuticle oil when you’re ready to remove. This is how they looked on the first day vs. day 4 when I took them off.

By day 4 they had started to lift around the edges, so I took them off after only 4 days. The packaging claims up to 14 days of wear. Not sure I’m a believer, but I definitely could have worn them longer if I had been more precise with application and making sure the edges were securely in place when I put them on. By that I mean, make sure you rub them all over after you put them on.

I’ll definitely use them again. The package comes with 34 strips. This package even had accent colors.

I don’t see myself using these on a weekly basis, but I’d use them from time to time especially on special occasions or when going on vacation.

Have you guys used similar polish strips before and what did you think?

Update: it was definitely user application error that caused the first set to not last as long. I was cutting the strips down and then filing instead of following the instructions and just filing them down. Follow the instructions and you’ll get at least a week of wear! Definitely try these. Be sure to use my code when ordering.

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