The thing about finding love later in life

Love is a truly beautiful thing. True love is everlasting and rare. You cherish and preserve it. And when you’ve been through some things in the past, when you find it again, you are even more grateful. However, as you get older, and you get to the age where based on life expectancy, you’ve lived through more years than you’re likely to see in your future, you start to think about things a little differently. Or at least I do.

I often wonder and find myself wishing that I had met my husband sooner. If I had, then maybe we wouldn’t face some of the challenges we are likely to face. For instance, having a family of our own. No matter how we look on the outside, on the inside, we’re still the age that we are, and having children in your 40’s ain’t no walk in the park. Not only is there the fact that your fertility has already declined from it’s peak, but then there’s the fact that when your children graduate from high school, you’re approaching the golden years and retirement! Funny story, my dad was 12 years older than my mom. When they’d drop me off at college, I remember somebody asking if he was my grandpa. I was offended because my dad looked younger than his age to me, but it was funny when it happened. It’s so weird that we try so hard not to have kids in our younger years, not realizing that it’ll be so much harder than we realize when we’re older.

Then there’s the being stuck in your ways, spoiled, single too long…whatever you want to call it, but bless my husband’s heart for putting up with me as I continue to learn how to compromise and ease up on having to always have things my way. It’s a huge adjustment after being alone for so long, and then getting married and being in the same space every single day with your spouse. It goes both ways, but I swear women are some of the most stubborn creatures and it’s just harder for us to adjust. But, when the love is real and the person is worth it, you make it work. I’m extremely proud of myself for the progress I’ve made. Prayer works!

All and all, I wouldn’t trade my husband for the world. I thank God for him daily. To all of my single gal pals, I’m praying for you too. No matter what the circumstances look like, God has a plan. Most likely, His plan doesn’t align with ours because that’s just how He rolls it seems, but don’t give up. Your time is coming.

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  1. Kindra, I am so proud of you and the woman that you have become. I’m so glad to know that you have found love and happiness. I have often wondered how your life turned out and what you were doing. So glad I looked you up and found your blog. I would love to have lunch and catch up. Take care, love you.

    Tonya Woods Brown 💖😘💖


    1. Awww thank you so much! I hope you are doing well too! If you’re on Facebook, LinkedIn or instagram, let’s connect to keep in touch. I’m Kindra Lee Rush on Facebook & Linkedin & beingkindra on IG.


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