Your relaxed thin hair will thank you when you go natural

Hair. I’ve had a life-long love/hate relationship with mine. It’s fallen out numerous times thanks to being over processed because I couldn’t choose just one, relaxer or color. Since I started coloring way back in 6th grade, it’s been a hot and frizzy mess. But alas, I’m in love with my hair now that I’m natural. No more relaxer, yippppeeee! My natural hair is so much more thicker and healthier. And a heck of a lot more versatile. It took me 41 years of life to even realize I had naturally curly hair…that’s another blog post, but black mamas back in the day relaxed our hair at very young ages, so most of us only have memories of permed, straight hair. Not sure why and I even asked my mama and she didn’t really have a good explanation either. So, any who here’s what my hair looked like relaxed and now that it’s natural.

Because curly hair looks shorter than it is, it doesn’t look much longer, but it’s almost shoulder length now. I stopped getting relaxers in January 2019, so it took a little over a year to completely grow it out. I opted to transition instead of doing the big chop. I wore protective styles like braids and crochet, and also flat ironed my hair quite often. Oh and let’s not forget my trusty phony ponies! You can always count on those to get you through any bad hair days!

If you’re on the fence about natural hair, and especially if you have very thin relaxed hair, stop thinking and just do it! Your hair will thank you by flourishing in its natural state. I can’t promise you that you won’t be a little confused and frustrated along the way, but with lots of trial and error, and a little patience, you’ll get through and fall in love with your hair again. Also if you have any questions or think we have similar hair types, please connect with me for tips and I always welcome advice from others!

4 thoughts on “Your relaxed thin hair will thank you when you go natural

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  1. Yes!! I’ve been natural for 3 years and always had very thick hair but seemed like it wouldn’t grown as long as I wanted (never much longer than my shoulder). Now that I’m natural when I blow it out it’s definitely mid back! I adore it and only wish I’d tried my natural hair sooner!


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