Steam your way to great skin

All I know is, after being stuck in the house for nearly two years has done something to my skin. In all of my adult life, I’ve never had so many breakouts, rashes, dry skin…you name it! And as a skincare junkie, I’ve tried everything and I’m extremely frustrated at this point. But, alas, and fingers crossed, my skin has decided to act right again, and I’ve had fewer skin problems over the last few weeks. I’ve started to do a few things differently that has helped tremendously. One of those things is washing my face in tea tree Dr. Bonner’s liquid soap (be sure to dilute first!) and steaming my face with my new face steamer for five minutes each day (or at least most days.) I’ve had a steamer for awhile and was using it weekly, but hubby got me a new one for Christmas…I opened it early…and it’s like the Cadillac of steamers. This thing puts out steam like nobody’s biz and the steam comes out as a mist so it feels amazing when it hits your skin. And it also has a cool mist setting! I’ve never seen a steamer that can produce both cool and hot steam. Hubby did a great job choosing this one, and I love it!

Here’s a few pics. You can also purchase it on Amazon using my associate link. If you do purchase, I’ll receive a small commission, however hubby purchased this on his own, and I love it so much I decided to give it a review here on my blog. It’s called the Pure Daily Care Nanosteamer. It also comes with extraction tools and a terry cloth headband. Be careful using the tools if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m still trying to get rid of a scar from when I used it trying to extract a giant forehead pimple!

There are numerous benefits of steaming your face, which you can read about after a quick Google search, but for me, I’ve noticed clearer skin, way fewer pimples, and the rash that I had has gone away! Here’s a couple pics where you can see how clear my skin is now, and see if you can peep the forehead scar I just mentioned. It’s going away thanks to some other products I’m using!

Have ya’ll tried steaming? I’m hooked. It’s now a part of my daily routine. I steam at night before showering and before applying masks. Also, if you have any skincare tips, please share! I love trying new things.

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