An afternoon at Veronét Vineyards

To know me is to know that I love wine! I’m no expert, but I at least know what tastes good. I typically go for sweet and bubbly. A new vineyard opened in 2019 and I have been wanting to go check it out. Hubby and I finally got to go on Saturday. Veronét Vineyards is just a short 30 minute-ish drive from Charlotte, and such a beautiful property. Unlike other area vineyards we’ve visited, no tour was offered, or tastings, but tasting flights are on the menu. I tried the whites, hubby tried the reds. The whites were $18, and red was $20. I thought this was a bit pricey, and I would have rather paid one price for a tasting to try them all, but that didn’t ruin our outing. The atmosphere itself was worth it. We didn’t try any of the food because we had just eaten, but they also had a seemingly tasty food truck available as well. We kinda wished we had waited and tried the food truck. It was Greek and we love Greek food!

Here’s some pics. It was so peaceful. While I didn’t find a wine that I loved, I’d definitely go back. We did bring a bottle of the brut home. Out of the whites, it was the one I liked best. It was $38, so I hope hubby will like it too when we open it. We’re saving it for a special occasion.

We stayed a couple hours. Honestly I could have sat in those chairs and stared at the view much longer. Overall, I definitely recommend this place. If you prefer bold, not as sweet wines, you’d be in heaven. They also sell beer and a few other cocktails, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

Have y’all been here yet. What did you think?

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