Heels rubbing your toes in all the wrong places? Try this!

There’s just about nothing that I haven’t tried to make some of my heels more comfy! Ball of foot cushions, heel pads, old pantyhose in the toe, you name it, I’ve probably tried it! For me, most of my discomfort comes from the rubbing of the shoe in all the wrong ways on my toes! Usually the same toe, the one next to my pinky. It gets red, irritated, and just downright hurts in some heels. But I found an awesome solution!!!! Moleskin padding. 

You can cut it to whatever size you need and it stays put all day. It prevents the friction that causes the pain, and best of all, you get to keep wearing your fav heels! I’ve even been clearing out my closet over the past few weeks getting rid of shoes that gave me this issue and now I want them back!!!!

Be sure that your feet are completely dry and it’s probably best to put this on pre lotion or at least wipe it off because it won’t stick otherwise. Your feet won’t look the cutest, but at least they will be comfy! So glad I found this product!!!! Do you have any tips for making heels more comfy? 

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