Looking for a brown lippie? Try this one

I don’t like to give the Kardashian/Jenner clan much credit for anything, but some credit can be given to Kylie for starting the brown lippie craze. I’m too cheap to buy her lippie kits so I’m always looking for a much cheaper alternative! 

I stopped by Walgreen’s after work the other day to look around since we have a new one near my house. I saw this brown lippie and since Wet ‘n Wild is so cheap I figured why the heck not try it!  

   It’s called mink brown. I can’t say that I love it because I’m more of a matte lippie girl but it is a nice shade of brown. It transfers so easily that you do have to constantly re-apply if you tend to drink a lot of water like me!  
 For the price, around $1 I think you should definitely try it if you’re looking to try brown lippies. 

Have you found any brown lippies that you love? Right now, my fav is antique velvet by MAC. 

4 thoughts on “Looking for a brown lippie? Try this one

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  1. I love this color. I think I’m one of the cheapest person when it comes to makeup. Give me $1 lipstick any day . Great color on you by the way.


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