Highlights from Puerto Rico

Well it’s been almost a week since I’ve been back from my amazeballs vacay to San Juan, PR. I always have the same feeling when it’s time to come back home, but I sooooooo didn’t want to leave! We stayed at the La Concha Renaissance hotel which was in an awesome location. We were right on the beach, yay, and close to numerous restaurants and shops. We actually ate all of our meals outside of the hotel because the hotel food prices were crazy expensive. That’s my major downside about visiting PR, there’s no all inclusive options, or at least I didn’t find any when I was looking.

Of course I took a gazillion pics, so I figured I’d share a few of my faves with y’all!

This is a view from the hotel where one of the pools were and the entrance to the beach. I could have just sat here for days. The breeze from the ocean was perfect!

This was one of the infinity pools overlooking the beach. I’m more of a beach versus pool person but this view was the best of both worlds!

Ok this breakfast sandwich was the bomb.com!!!! I can’t even remember the name of the restaurant but I could eat this thing everyday! It had eggs, bacon, cheese, onions, and the most amazing, soft, delish bread I’ve ever had 😋

Of course I had to do a little shopping. I bought this super cute ring on the beach. I haggled with him on the price of course!

The water was a little rough so I didn’t stay in long, but there’s nothing like salt water and the beach to cure the blues! This year has been a doozy so far so I definitely needed this time away!

This was the most delish drink I’ve ever had! Almost too pretty to drink! It was a strawberry dacqueri inside a pineapple. Mmmm mmmm good!!!!!

Of course I have a gazillion more pics, but these are a few of my absolute faves! Where did you guys spend your vacays this summer? 

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  1. We stayed at this same hotel for vacation this summer. I loved that place, fyi they had a great brunch the only time I ate there lol. Next time you visit go to La Mina falls it’s one of the most beautiful places I went in PR. #BLM


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