Reflections on my dad

No it’s not Father’s Day yet, but it’s been nearly 3 weeks since my dad has been gone and I can’t help but miss him like crazy! When Father’s Day does roll around, I know it will be tough no longer having him here to celebrate! I’ll miss the dinners, most recently Longhorn has edged out Red Lobster as the fav; the insanely delish cakes from Mrs. Roach; endless laughs while he teased us about ganging up on him; shopping for gifts that I knew would make him smile and sometimes cry; just everything! 

My dad was a quiet man to most, but to us, he had a lot to say and I loved our daily conversations and laughs! He looked forward to my daily calls where I’d catch him up on the latest funny story. It was even funnier that I’d tell him, then tell my mom the same thing, and he would later tell her like he was in the know first! 

We have so many good, happy memories, and for that I’m thankful. The parents weren’t always good road trip partners, because they’d fall asleep in a skinny minute, but once we finally got to where we were going, we always had the best time! Our last trip to the beach was the best ever. It was in 2015. We didn’t get to go last year because that’s when we found out the worse news ever, dad had stage 4 lung cancer. Hearing the news was like a punch in the gut. 

My dad was the strongest man I’ll ever know. He was a little guy until later in life when he put on some weight. He loved food, and so did I! I loved that I could always get him to eat whatever I was eating that I didn’t need to be, so I didn’t feel as guilty! He put up a good fight and stood up to cancer. Even up until the end, he fought to stay here with us, but God had other plans and called him home sooner than we wanted. It just felt like we had more time! 

The hurt that I’m feeling likely won’t go away any time soon, but the memories keep me going. That, and knowing he’s in paradise and probably wouldn’t want to leave heaven if he could! We also took plenty of pics over the years, so I get to still enjoy seeing his beautiful smile anytime I want. That gives me great comfort. 

 I know we all think our dad’s are great, but mine truly was the bestest! Until I see you again, dad, I love you to the moon and beyond 😘

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  1. I enjoy your blog and am sad to hear of your loss, your pictures are very sweet and I’m glad they bring you comfort. God bless you as you grieve.


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